How do I…

Help my company survive?

Compete in this new age of technology?

Make all my old systems work together without killing my company?

Reduce company risk?

Simplify my work life?

Make more money for everyone?

The goal of our team, our company, our sponsors:  Enable you to compete at a higher level by making a safe transition to the ‘age of technology’. 

An old story with a new chapter …

In the mid 1980’s and early 1990’s the personal computer started its entry into mainstream society.  Our industry radically changed.  Initially we were able to control production through the PC, then came the management of orders, customers, trucks, and invoicing.  This helped accelerate consolidation at all levels, and with additional enterprise software tools changed what it meant to be in the business.

Today we are undergoing an equally disruptive surge of new tools. Every part of the entire chain, human and machine, can now interact with actionable, real-time information.  There is no turning back; the business is changed forever. 

Join us in the new best practice of leveraging mobility, cloud-based applications, and data analytics.